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Getting the posing right!

At the National Conference in January there will be many chances for you to improve your photography, with new lighting, new ways of getting that image, new props, cameras and plenty of other things for you to spend your hard earned money on. However, if the posing is not right all the other things you have learnt or purchased will not fall into place. Photography is subject to all sorts of ‘rules’, and while many of them have been thrown […]

India as seen through a Fuji X-T1 EVF

I recently returned from an amazing trip to northern India, which gave me the fantastic opportunity to use, for the first time, the Fuji X-T1’s mirrorless camera with a 56mm 1.2/1.4 lens and the super EBC 18mm f1.2 lens. This is the entry-level camera, kindly loaned to me by Fuji for this trip. The advertising material for the camera tells us that the perfect alignment of the viewfinder, the optical axis of the lens, with its 2.36m dot resolution OLED […]

I am Photographer 2015

I AM Photographer Festival 2015 linked competition excitement, thirst for knowledge and joyful moments together with good friends: festival.iamphotographer.eu/EN/festival

Photographer Spotlight: Peter Ellis

Peter Ellis  is our special guest photographer in this month’s Perfectly Clear “Photographer Spotlight”.  Over 30 years of photography experience, his passion won him a Kodak Gold Award. Learn more about Peter Ellis by visiting his website.    Perfectly Clear Interview with Peter Ellis   Tell us about your typical day in the studio? Peter Ellis: My studio is at home. That’s where all my work happens. When I started photography I was on my own, so I had to try to do different things for myself. I’m […]